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TripAdvisor 2019 Certificate of Excellence!

Home to over 730 million reviews and opinions covering the “world’s largest selection of travel listings worldwide,”. The website’s Certificate of Excellence award is one of the most coveted badges of honor for businesses in the travel sector. 

TripAdvisor has been handing out the Certificate of Excellence since 2011 to honor hospitality businesses that deliver consistently great service across the world.

Approximately only 10 percent of businesses listed on TripAdvisor receive the Certificate of Excellence. There’s no application process for the Certificate of Excellence. The achievement is earned over time by businesses that are able to collect great reviews and high ratings on TripAdvisor.

The Certificate of Excellence is only valid for one year, so businesses will need to continue their high standard of service in order to get the award again for the following year. 

To get the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence properties must-

  • Maintain an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars
  • Have a minimum number of reviews (TripAdvisor doesn’t specify the actual number)
  • Have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months

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