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31 Dec


31 Dec


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Treasures of the Natural World | The Jazz Corner Hotel

Treasures of the Natural World

Some of the world’s biggest, rarest, oldest & most fascinating treasures are landing at Melbourne Museum, all the way from London, for the whole family to enjoy. Journey through the natural world and marvel at the objects that changed the course of scientific history.

For the first time in Australia, don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to discover new worlds, and experience the magic of a visit to the Natural History Museum.

From the unique or extremely rare to the mysterious and astonishing, get up close and personal with over 200 artefacts whose colourful stories unlock the mysteries of life. With treasures such as Charles Darwin’s personal collection that inspired his theory of evolution, and a 200 million-year-old Ichthyosaurus fossil found by English fossil collector Mary Anning when she was just 11 years old, you’ll be inspired to see the world - our biggest treasure - in a completely different light.

Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson St
Carlton 3053

Price and bookings

From $13 to $29
Adult / general $29
Senior $23
Student / concession $23
Children $15

This exhibition runs until 16 January 2022 so visit their website for MORE info.

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