It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves
Melbourne’s Arcades and Laneways

Explore labyrinth like mazes in search of treasure troves amongest Melbourne’s 40 plus enchanted and unique arcades and laneways.

Catering to all sorts of tastes you can’t come to Melbourne and not be fascinated by these amazing masterpieces which come in so many different forms. Generally speaking laneways are smaller, hidden/tucked away alleys and arcades undercover shopping areas. so whether it be the world famous Hosier Lane adorned in colour and intrigue or a step back in time into the delightful Royal Arcade you are surrounded by delights at every turn!

Without further name dropping additional MUST visit’s include-

AC/DC Lane- The legendary Aussie icons were immortalised when this laneway was renamed. Rock the night away at Cheery Bar while you are here.

Block Arcade- An unique stretch of Melbourne retail real estate opened in 1892 with draw dropping French Renaissance style architecture. For chocoltae lovers Haighs chocolates is a must!

Centre Place- Encompasses it all; fabulous food, street art and shopping and quintessentially known as the laneway with hole in the wall restaurants.

Croft Alley- Adorned in graffiti and housing the poplar lab themed bar, The Croft Institute

Degraves Street- Also known as DeGraves Lane. Made up of gorgeous little eateries with umbrellas down the centre of the street covering tables and chairs for diners of the cafes opposite.

Flinders Lane- Home to some of the city’s best boutiques and restaurants it is crisscrossed with other smaller lanes to add further intrigue.

Hardware Lane- This cobblestone paved delight incorporates live music with a touch of romantic class; perfect for that special occasion!

Hoiser Lane- Home to Melbourne’s prime ‘tattooed laneway’ and world renowned tapas at Movida.

Tattersalls Lane- This slender, Chinatown laneway offering some of Melbourne’s best Chinese restaurants

Union Lane- Running between Bourke Street Mall and Little Collins Street designated canvas for the City of Melbourne’s Street Art Project since 2008; the walkway between towering buildings has 550 square metres of city-approved graffiti wall space. 

Hidden Secrets and Tours are worth joining and booking should you prefer a guided experience

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