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31 Dec


31 Dec


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Worlds Imersive at the Melburne Museum stay at The Jazz Corner Hotel Melbourne | The Jazz Corner Hotel

Worlds Immersive at Melbourne Museum

Worlds Immersive is a 5-minute cinematic journey from the origin of the universe, through the building blocks of nature, to explore the patterns and connections that bind us and the natural world together.

As forces of nature are manipulated, naturally occurring patterns reveal the underlying laws of the universe and the connection between all things. Each pattern corresponds to a natural phenomenon including energy, heat, waves, and light.

Artist Josef Gatti is an emerging filmmaker, specialising in storytelling through new motion picture technology and innovative techniques. Worlds Immersive is screened on a loop as part of a Digital Showcase when workshops are not scheduled in the Learning Lab.

Price & Bookings

Adult / general $15
Senior $10
Student / concession free
Children free

Free for children under 16

BOOK your experience online  and at the same time BOOK your Melbourne CBD accommodation at The Jazz Corner Hotel. Our spacious, family sized apartments are perfect for the Winter School Holidays visiting the Melbourne Museum & beyond!

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